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Tree of life button


Tree of life button
Amor button by TierraCast
TierraCast lotus jewellery charm
TierraCast amor round button
Paw print charm
Small dragonfly charm by TierraCast in antique silver finish
Celtic beads by TierraCast
TierraCast Bird in a tree jewellery charm
TierraCast Small Heart button
TierraCast small swirl button
Silver Czech rosette button
Bamboo button by TierraCast in antique copper finish
Tree of life jewellery charm
TierraCast Om symbol charm
TierraCast dragonfly button
TierraCast lotus button
Lotus bead by TierraCast
Rose patterned spacer beads
Amor button by TierraCast
bird in a tree button
Antique silver triskele buttons
Small feather charms by TierraCast
TierraCast dragonfly button in copper finish
Sand dollar button by TierraCast in brass oxide finish
Botanical bead by TierraCast
Western button by TierraCast
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