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Beads.. and more beads


Purple SUper duo beads
Picasso red garnet seed beads
Olivine Capri gold superduo beads
Amethyst Capri Gold Superduo beads
Crystal Aztec Gold Superduo beads
Delica seed beads opaque currant luster
Lotus bead by TierraCast
Metallic bronze superduo beads
Superduo beads in crystal bronze
Opaque orange square Tila beads
Celtic beads by TierraCast
Rose patterned spacer beads
7mm Casbah bead brass oxide finish
Botanical bead by TierraCast
Superduo bead mix 'Formal Affair'
Gold lotus beads
Copper buddha bead
Miyuki seed beads silver lined aqua
97 results