Washi Tape - black & white collection


Washi tapes are a creative crafter's dream.. Available in so many diverse colours and patterns that it is impossible not to fall in love with them! Use them to decorate your bullet journal, diary or important letters, for card making or scrapbooking or simply to brighten up your paperwork and bring a little fun to admin chores!

Washi tapes can be easily torn by hand, they are waterproof and low tack so can be re-positioned or removed from surfaces such as paper, plastic, metal and even walls. 

1. Swallows: 15mm wide, 10xm long - SOLD OUT

2. Vine Leaves: 15mm wide, 10xm long

3. Criss Cross Lines: 15mm wide, 10xm long

4. Cat Paws: 15mm wide, 10xm long

5. Circle Pattern: 15mm wide, 10xm long

6. Musical Notes: 15mm wide, 10xm long - SOLD OUT

7. Grid: 15mm wide, 10xm long

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